• BoatHouse Atlanta

    This unique, virtually hidden, building became available in 2017. Its location has been described as “the 50 yard line of Atlanta”. Its long history had been ignored and was unknown even to the those responsible for archiving old buildings here in Atlanta. Originally built in 1890, it housed the electric substation for the streetcar that ran along 14th Street to Piedmont Park. Around 1910, the Grizzard Green Grocery had its business here, serving Midtown and the adjacent Ansley Park neighborhood. Since 1980 this property has been used both as a residence and as a photography studio by one of Atlanta’s most renowned professional photographers. We continue that tradition, and invite you to experience what it’s like to live and entertain in this unique property.


    When asked why we it’s called the Boathouse, we like to answer, “because Atlanta needs one”!